Making rings with beads

This is a translation from a previous post in Spanish, with general guidelines for making rings with beads

Rings made with beads or Swarosky crystal are in!! Making your own jewerly with beads is quite easy, you'll only need some skill, time and patience.
In this website I'd like to show you some rings that I've made using crystal beads. You will also find instrutions and patterns for making jewerly and other objects with beads, as well as useful links related to beads and crafts. Wishing you find it useful and fun!

To make rings or jewerly with beads you'll need:

It could be either silicon thread (more elastic) or nylon thread, similar to the one used for fishing, depending on the works. Remember to make sure that the thread is thin enough to insert the beads on it

Beads: You will need different types of beads. Usually small beads will be combined with bigger crystal beads ot swarosky beads. For each piece I will recommend you the best type of beads, and the quantity.

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