Patterns for bead rings

Here is a post for English readers :)
I have already posted the free patterns and instructions for making three different types of rings with beads. This is a summary of the two different types of beaded rings already shown in the blog.
This is the first ring which was made with simple beads and crystal beads, it's a beautiful flower shaped ring and it's medium difficulty.
Making this jewel will take you at least half an hour, you'll need crystal or swarosky beads (around 10) and small standard beads. I've used a thin nylon thread for making it, to do it yourself follow the pattern showed here. In the patterns "inicio" marks the starting point and "fin" is the end of the work. Start passing the thread through the holes of the beads as shown in the diagram, paying special attention to the points where you have to cross both ends of the thread trhough the hole of an Swarosky bead. I've called this jewel "flower ring"

This is a completely different type of ring, made with "balls" or fake pearls and standard beads. This jewel is easier to do than the former one, to do it, follow step by step the pattern shown here, following the diagram as explained above

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